Mission Of Living Science series:

  • To celebrate Indian science by documenting its journey through a video library of its architects, our scientists. Archiving their experiences of living science their views of the scientific community and life in general.
  • This video library will serve as a knowledge reservoir for younger academic scholars providing ingredients of conducting research and achieving success.
  • Be a source of direct information on current research topics from vastly different fields of sciences; encouraging collaborations between the researchers and students.
  • Provide a platform where friendly discussion on science policies and their impact on Indian science. This can help in shaping future of Indian science.
  • To serve as medium for students to voice their opinions, concerns, and ideas directly with the leaders of their community.
  • To serve as an outreach program for younger students exploring career opportunities in science.
  • Teach volunteer PhD students involved in Living Science intricacies of team management and leadership.

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